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Belinda has been a body therapist for over 20 years. She worked as a remedial massage therapist in private practice in Australia for nine years before moving to the UK.  Her Australian practice mainly revolved around rehabilitation for those involved in motor vehicle accidents and those with work-related injuries, as well as helping people with general aches and pains.


Belinda became interested in body therapies in general, and osteopathy in particular, after being treated by an osteopath for injuries she sustained in a motorcycle accident.


After  moving to the UK in 2001, Belinda trained as a systematic kinesiologist, and then as an osteopath.  She has taught systematic kinesiology from foundation courses to diploma level.


While she enjoys all aspects of general osteopathic practice, Belinda's areas of special interest now are the management of migraine and headache and the treatment of back pain and general pain during and immediately after pregnancy.


Although she works primarily as an osteopath, combining different therapies allows Belinda to more acurately tailor her treatments to suit her patients.  She respects the fact that different people require different approaches, for the more firm techniques to much more gentle treatments.


Contact Information

TEL: 07732657799
EMAIL: belinda@belindaraeosteopathy.co.uk


The word that springs to mind when thinking about Belinda Rae is integrity, both personal and professional integrity.  She has an intelligent, inquiring mind which means that anything she undertakes has been carefully considered and, with her wide experience in many different disciplines and her training, she can bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to her professional work.  She is sensitive and caring and has good communications skills.  All of these qualities she brings to a professional situation and those who are treated by her can be confident of her skills and ethical standards.

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